Friday, May 21, 2010


*Thump* Well, this is indeed on!

Finding a first entry stumped me; but then I do enjoy a little of everything from haunting Syndicate and Providence to hunting Sansha zombies to whatever odd jobs the latest zaibatsu agent wants in whatever empire space I find myself.

But then I found something on which I could wax eloquent: the ancient and lowly Velator. With a Micro Auxiliary Power Core you can mount a decent Cold-Gas afterburner and two tech II railguns on it. With a tech II Signal Amplifier and a tech II Auto Targeter you can fit a 150mm Railgun II and a 'Langour' webber in the mids and lock onto seven hostiles at 40 km. And either way you can fit two of the tech II versions of the Minmatar Warrior or Gallente Federation Hobgoblins in its drone bay. Who would ever expect that out of a ship used to train rookies? What's not to like? ^_^

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