Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes it pays to be an early bird?

First --
A fun read:

Second --
Not something of mine, but close. Early yesterday morning one of my sibs was flying through Algogille. Seeing a wreck near the gate to Renyn, he couldn't resist a peek... and he saw TREASURE!

Now he knew how to fly an Iteron (albeit Mark I) despite being little more than a week out of the Center for Advanced Studies (I understand that he may have been flying an industrial after mugging convoys, caravans, chandlers, and merchants for oxygen using a Catalyst destroyer?). And there was one available in system for 260k...

Reportedly he managed to pull out three of the four Advanced Ice Command Centers, 900+ of the thousand Robotics on board, and some 4k units of liquid ozone. Not too bad for just flying through Empire minding his own business!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes high, sometimes low; sometimes all about

Last night
My CEO made my night yestereve when I offered the corp a moon harvesting array, some silos, and some offense / defense modules at one of our null sec operations. "Damn. Where did you get those, Kinroi? WHO DID YOU ROB?" Best response yet to something I got at fire sale prices! Grabbing things up that are on sale from multi-system evacuations is like browsing yard sales for indigent alliances. ^_^

Not quite as fast
Sometimes I like to kick about null sec, but sometimes I also like to check in on mission agents in high sec. Late last night I cost a friend a tech 1-fitted Drake when I failed to warn her about the hazards of a fracas 'twixt the Serpentis and Guristas. Thankfully I had a replacement tech 2-fitted Drake in-system -- a Drake I'd fitted out to probe wormholes before realizing that it was too fragile -- but I still felt like I should have warned her more clearly. Obviously clear communication is important whether your opponent is a capsuleer or a 'rat faction. >.<