Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes it pays to be an early bird?

First --
A fun read:

Second --
Not something of mine, but close. Early yesterday morning one of my sibs was flying through Algogille. Seeing a wreck near the gate to Renyn, he couldn't resist a peek... and he saw TREASURE!

Now he knew how to fly an Iteron (albeit Mark I) despite being little more than a week out of the Center for Advanced Studies (I understand that he may have been flying an industrial after mugging convoys, caravans, chandlers, and merchants for oxygen using a Catalyst destroyer?). And there was one available in system for 260k...

Reportedly he managed to pull out three of the four Advanced Ice Command Centers, 900+ of the thousand Robotics on board, and some 4k units of liquid ozone. Not too bad for just flying through Empire minding his own business!

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