Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes high, sometimes low; sometimes all about

Last night
My CEO made my night yestereve when I offered the corp a moon harvesting array, some silos, and some offense / defense modules at one of our null sec operations. "Damn. Where did you get those, Kinroi? WHO DID YOU ROB?" Best response yet to something I got at fire sale prices! Grabbing things up that are on sale from multi-system evacuations is like browsing yard sales for indigent alliances. ^_^

Not quite as fast
Sometimes I like to kick about null sec, but sometimes I also like to check in on mission agents in high sec. Late last night I cost a friend a tech 1-fitted Drake when I failed to warn her about the hazards of a fracas 'twixt the Serpentis and Guristas. Thankfully I had a replacement tech 2-fitted Drake in-system -- a Drake I'd fitted out to probe wormholes before realizing that it was too fragile -- but I still felt like I should have warned her more clearly. Obviously clear communication is important whether your opponent is a capsuleer or a 'rat faction. >.<

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